Apr 17, 2022 • 6M

Spring 2020, a journal.

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Lail Arad
articles & musings on life & music
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A little note before you listen:

I hope you’re getting to spend this weekend with your families, hunting for Easter eggs and eating Matzah brei. At the risk of dampening the mood, I want to share two of my journal entries from this time two years ago. As I’m sure you recall, everything was… Kdsjh75akwu5lkws^@4985lhks*&
(That is a statement of exasperation, not a wifi password)

A little request after you listen:

For selfish book-related reasons, I’d love to know whether looking back on the pandemic in this way is something you find interesting and important, or whether you’d rather lock up the memories and throw away the key. Feel free to leave comments below or write to me privately. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I’m working on a song which I’m excited for you to hear. Maybe even next week. Meanwhile, here’s that John Prine number I mention in the journal…