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Singing Neil Young's Heart Of Gold

In honour of getting old(er)...

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Before anything else I’d like to thank you for last week’s outpouring of enthusiasm/sympathy regarding Alexa. My favourite offering was: Alexa, play Lail Arad! (Playing Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber.) I love that book so much I was tempted to hand over the reward! Which allows me to segue neatly into this photograph, and this week’s birthday theme…

A long ago birthday present from my sister. Much loved, as evidenced by the wear and tear.

I have an unlikely amount of friends with birthdays in late November and early December. (Perhaps less unlikely when you count back nine months to the romance of spring...) My own birthday is this Tuesday, November 22nd, and I know someone with a birthday on almost every day of the following two weeks. My sister is turning 30, my best friend is turning 40, I have a lot of presents to sort out. Today, November 20th, I have not one but FOUR good friends with birthdays! At least two of them are reading this. At least one of them wrote this brilliant birthday song:

Meanwhile JF and I have been working on something for someone. I can’t tell you more than that, other than it involved us singing through a specific list of songs. One of those songs was Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. You know when you know a song really well but have never really listened to it? And then you suddenly understand the meaning of the word resonate? Whatever comes of the mystery project, it led me the golden song at the golden hour.

So happy birthday everyone! And here’s to getting old(er)... Coincidentally it was Neil Young’s birthday last week, too…

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