I started this project on New Year’s Day 2022. It had been an insane few years, both for the world and for me personally. I missed touring. I missed trying out new songs, shaking up old favourites, chatting to people after the show. I missed feedback. Audience feedback. Even guitar feedback! I found myself working on a novel, which gave me great solace, but was an isolating experience. I had the urge to share — anything and everything — songs, stories, videos, poems, journals! So I did. With less thinking and planning than usual, less pretence and perfection, I started sending out special deliveries every Sunday morning.

What surprised me is that while I was busy playing around, mixing it up, figuring it out, my virtual audience kept growing. Substack came across the publication (big word for my Foggy Notions) and featured it in their newsletter. Strangers seemed to be enjoying my experiments. My candlelit gig was turning into a street party!

Whatever brought you here, I hope you stick around a while, have a drink, maybe even mingle. There’ll be swingin’ and swayin’, and records playing...

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“Favourite sunday reading and listening. Thank you my friend.”

“Each week something totally different, wow!”

“I couldn’t sleep and then discovered this - wonderful.”

“Look forward to this each Sunday, on my newsless media day.”

“You sing beautifully. And write beautifully, too.”

“Haven’t been commenting but don’t think I’m not enjoying your thought provoking output week after week.”