Mar 13, 2022 • 3M

Lullaby in Hard Times, a recording.

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Lail Arad
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Good morning,

My conclusion from last week’s attempted market research is that everyone has completely different preferences and I should go on doing exactly as I please…

Having said that, a few people have asked about the second new song I performed at the Motherhood event. It doesn’t exist anywhere yet, so here’s a bumpy late-night recording. It’s a lullaby, as the title suggests.

And while we’re in a serious mood, this is a beautiful Ukrainian folk song performed by my friends Davies and Daughters in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. You can watch the video and read what they say about it here:

Watch Zelene

In other news, Substack have launched an app! It’s far more user-friendly than the website... Try it out if you like, all my posts will magically appear…

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