Mar 27, 2022

Everybody's Hustling, a live take.

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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to do little presentation for Substack’s “virtual category tour”. As I was representing “music” it only seemed right to use my allocated 2 minutes to sing something. Luckily I had just the 2-minute song for the job. Without putting too fine a point on it, let’s just say the song is called Everybody’s Hustling and it felt fitting in more ways than duration. I got a lot of enthusiastic messages afterwards asking where one might hear this song again, on repeat.

My reflex reaction was: I haven’t recorded it yet, honestly it will probably be a while before I do, and even longer before it’s released… so realistically maybe in like… 2 years? That is if I haven’t killed it off by then, having come to the conclusion that it’s far too embarrassing to sing the words “everybody’s hustling” in a British accent.

But then I thought: To hell with it! Isn’t this exactly what my Substack is for? Supply and demand? Trial and error? Rough and ready? Cheap and cheerful? I’ll record it just as soon as the baby is sleeping! You can hear it RIGHT NOW!

As opposed to the last song I shared with you, Lullaby in Hard Times, which might forever remain a voice-guitar number, I hear this one with a Buffalo Springfield-esque rhythm section and a groovy slide guitar. Yes I did just use the word groovy, please let it slide. All that to say this isn’t even a demo, it’s just a live take, just for you.

And whilst we’re on the subject, please do take a moment to like, comment, share, subscribe, request, etc… we’re all hustling after all.